All items on this site are for airsoft use only.


None of these models CANNOT be modified to fire live ammunition.


  • Airsoft is a sport, and like all sports injury can occur, Mid West Airsoft cannot be held responsible for any injury brought about by the use of these items while playing airsoft, furthermore Mid West Airsoft cannot accept responsibility for injury incurred as a result inproper use of items sold here.
  • Prior to using a product please carefully read the instructions paying particular attention to the Safety Guidelines


    All airsoft guns made in China and will be tested before shipping. We will test the
    gun to ensure that it does work properly (the test means it is able to use up one whole magazine ).


    However, we do not guarantee the quality of the outer surface
    of the airsoft gun. The quality of finishing may be imperfect and may have slight flaws.

    For the charger and battery, we will ensure their proper workability. However, we do not
    guarantee their quality. For safety reasons, using a higher quality charger with thermal
    protected function and battery is highly recommended.

    For safety reasons, we highly recommend customers to use chargers with thermal protected

    function and high-quality batteries.




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